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Beulah Toolkit is a digital platform that congregates all the skilled and unskilled crafts men and women within a locality with the purpose of making the these crafts men and women readily available and assessable to people who require their services per time.

Artisans congregated in the Beulah Toolkit platform includes;

Building and Construction Category

Interior Decoration Category



General Maintenance




Computers, Gadgets and Electronics

Health, Wellness and Personal Care



Fashion, Beauty and style

Craft men/women for each category and skill set listed above have their bio data, shop address, certification, identification and BVN taken into account.

Beulah Toolkit congregates the skilled and unskilled individuals in a manner that allows for preference according to: 

Skill level

Professionalism level

Trust level 


Supervision requirement level

Billing grade

Turn-over/return time 

Proximity to request



Craftsmen on the Beulah Toolkit platform will be enrolled in person at the administrative office. Intending craftsmen will be required to provide the following information/documents 

Registration is free, but craftsman profile will not be active on the platform until the payment of the monthly subscription fee is confirmed.

Monthly subscription must be paid on or before the 2nd day of the month; defaulting craftsmen profile will be deactivated at 12am on the 3rd day of the month. Reactivation attracts a percentage fine.



Beulah Toolkit platform will serve as a meeting point between the individual who requires the services of a craft man and the craft man. 

The operations shall thus be as dramatically illustrated below:

Mr. Bernard needs an aluminum craft man to fix a window for him…

Action One: Mr. Bernard (already downloaded and pre-logged into the Beulah Toolkit App) launches the App, and clicks on “Get workman” command which opens up the different categories as highlighted above; he then selects the category of interest (“Building and Construction” in this case). This command will open up the subcategories one of which is “Aluminum Craftsmen”. He then chooses a craft man according to his preference as highlighted above.

Action Two: In the Space provided in the new dialogue, Mr. Bernard will give a brief description of what the job is about, the exact location of the job and his contact number (this is for the information of the craftsman and Beulah Toolkit Admin for record purposes).

Action Three: Mr. Bernard will choose the urgency of the job from the options provided below:

Super Urgent 




Action Four: The call; the craftsman gets a prompt on his/her phone with the contact details of Mr. Bernard and he calls Mr. Bernard. Otherwise Mr. Bernard can immediately call the craftsman after selecting the urgency level of the job.

Action Five: After the call, Mr. Bernard will click on the finish button to confirm complete process.



Interested craftsman can have their crafts (with pictures and testimonies), contact address and phone number displayed in the home page of the platform and on subsequent pages in the app for a fee. This offer is also opened to craftsmen who are not subscribed to the service, but t for a much higher fee.



The Admin has access to all craftsmen data on the platform, their monthly job count, reviews from the clients. The admin has the power to rescind a craftsman’s registration status at any point. The admin has the power to interfere in a craftsman recruitment process and recommend another craftsman at any point.