Blue Flower


The World is advancing technologically everyday and every facet of human development needs
to be carried along if balance is to be attained. An individual no longer have to make weekend,
monthly, or yearly shopping plans; you can shop on the go, you can shop while at work, you can
shop in transit, you can shop while having a conversation or while on a date. This is possible
simply because of technological advancement which has brought online shopping to us via our
phones and other mobile and digital devices.

Topping up your airtime, paying Tv subscriptions, getting a taxi/cab, flight tickets, train tickets,
road transport are just few of the conventional processes that have conveniently gone mobile
and have received worldwide acceptance by both the elite, the poor, the learned and the

Beulah Toolkit seeks to introduce yet another aspect of our daily lives into the digital
sphere to allow for fewer hassles and enhance convenience, professionalism, trust and security.